Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gravity Falls - You Should Teach Your Son That

A while ago I saw a Tumblr pic of Mrs. Valentino being fucked by Dipper. I hadn't really considered her as someone sexy until I saw it, but then my friend xxmercurial-darknessxx started running a poll on who Dipper should be paired with, and she was on the list (I voted for her and she won, the final comic can be seen here: It turns out he'd included her in the poll based on the same pic I had seen before. All of these events kind of coincided enough that I decided to do this pic of Dipper and Wendy sharing Mrs. Valentino.

For those who aren't familiar with the show, Mrs. Valentino's son being referred to here is Robbie, a teenager who dated Wendy for a while and whom Dipper sees as a rival.

I hope you guys enjoy this pic! I'd love to do more Gravity Falls stuff in the future, though I'm still deciding how I want to approach the style. Here I kept the faces mostly in the show's style (with only a few tweaks) and tried to keep the bodies more realistic. When I ran a poll earlier on Western cartoons, it seemed most people wanted me to draw them more anime-style. If you have an opinion on this, especially as it relates to Gravity Falls, let me know with a comment!

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  1. So first off I feel legit proud that I managed to have some small hand in inspiring more porn of Mrs. Valentino, and also thank you for linking the comic.
    As for the pic itself, people voted for a more detailed or anime-esque style, and I have to say that it would benefit you since, for this pic, the disconnect between making the bodies and shading more detailed while keeping the heads on model is a bit too strong and results in kind of an uncanny valley effect. The heads look great on model, and the bodies are very well constructed, further highlighted by the shading - it's just that, while they look fantastic as separate features, they don't mesh well together.
    My suggestion for the future is to use a consistent style - either fully detailed, on-model, or the more anime-ish drawing style you've used for CW art in the past. It'll make the flow of the pic much better.
    - Merc