Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

Last year I did a special Halloween pic featuring two original characters. At the time I hinted that I would like to introduce new spooky girls every year, and this year I decided to follow up on that with this picture. Our Halloween cast began with Lillian L'Orange, a character I first drew back when I was in school on my DeviantArt, and the cute little witch Adeline Fortuna. They're joined now by Sophia Huesos, and here we see them giving her a warm Halloween welcome.

I was running through monster types in my head, trying to decide what to do this year. I have a lot of ideas, and fully expect to introduce a new girl next year, and I had a fun thought with the skeleton. Obviously I couldn't just draw a skeleton (or even a skeleton in a wig) and expect anyone to find her sexy. However, I started thinking about maybe a chalk white, skin-and-bones type girl with a Día de los Muertos look. I was partially inspired to this by the appearance of Death in the Deadpool game, where they sexified a character who had previously just been a skeleton in much the same way.

I toyed with the idea of making her bald to drive the skeleton idea home, but while researching Día de los Muertos makeups I kept seeing girls with this black bob-type hair with roses. I thought it was a really cute look, so I adopted it into Sophia's design. I hope you guys like her!

As for update news, I'm currently juggling a handful of commissions (all of which should appeal to different audiences). This, combined with a busier-than-usual work schedule at my day job has kept me pretty busy, but I hope to have more content to share really soon. I'm also working on the first page of my second DBZ comic (with plans to alternate pages between that comic and the Frieza one), so hopefully that will go up some time in November. I've got a bunch of other stuff planned, but I don't want to go into too much detail in case things fall through and I can't follow up on them.

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