Thursday, September 17, 2015

DBZ - Before the Games

So here's a pic I just wrapped up. This one is actually based on a fanfic I wrote about eight or nine years ago (unreleased, I never shared any of my fics). It's set just before the Cell Games when Goku and Gohan were in constant Super Saiyan mode. I always thought Gohan's Super Saiyan look was really cute (Super Saiyan 2 as well, but that's a pic for another day). I think this is also the first time I've drawn young Chi-Chi, so there's that too for you guys.

There's always more DBZ to come around here, but I'm hoping to release some other new stuff soon. See y'all around. :)


  1. a homoerotic pic of this Gohan and Goku doing Chichi in the pussy would be nice.

  2. Any chance to share that fic? Based on that pic it might be quite interesting! ;-)

    Awesome work!

    1. Haha, probably not. I'm not sure if I even still have a copy of it, but if I did it wasn't very good and has the same problem every fic I've ever written has... it just sort of trails off as I get bored with it, rather than having a proper ending.

    2. I'd still like to read it.