Sunday, June 1, 2014

Blowing Bubblegum

This picture is basically me trying a few things I've wanted to do for a while. One is Adventure Time, a show I absolutely love, but I don't think I've ever drawn before. Another is futa, something I've done once or twice on commission and have colored numerous times. I've never felt confident about my futa pics, something about how I draw dicks just didn't feel right for a ladycock. I'm trying to fix that with this pic, though, so let me know how I'm doing. Finally, this was also me attempting to draw with just a mouse, nothing sketched out on paper like I usually do (it didn't work, this final product was drawn on paper like everything else I do). Maybe someday I can accomplish that last one and save a few trees.

Also, this specific image was born from two different lines of dialogue, one of which is in the image, and the other was re-purposed as the title of this post (but was too obvious, I think).

I hope I can do more Adventure Time in the future. I have a great idea for a short straight shota comic from the series (it's not what you think), but I have so many other comic ideas I haven't done yet that I can't say if or when it'll get made.


  1. Marceline and PB have a very close relationship! I love futa and Adventure Time (still don't know why for the former). Don't worry about how you draw cocks, especially on ladies because every artist has their own way of drawing them. It looks good on PB by the way.

    1. Normally I feel the cocks I draw are a bit too rigid looking. I like my futa cocks to look a bit softer, more "feminine" (if you can forgive the oxymoron). I think I mostly got that look on PB here, though it's encouraging to hear you like it.