Saturday, December 21, 2013

Eromugen Page 33

I feel like my "skills of an artist" have been improving a lot as of late, but then I looked at some of the recent Eromugens and didn't see that reflected there. So I'm trying to put a bit more focus on the comic artistically, changing up some aspects of how it's drawn and my approach to the characters. I don't know if it's working, but if you see an art shift in this page, that's why.

I like that we get to see some of Siat's thoughts, here, since she's been kind of a voiceless character for the past few pages. My only real regret with this page is that it moves a bit too quickly, but I feel we may have spent too much time as it is with this scene. I want to wrap the flashback up and move on to Chapter Three, so pacing may suffer for it.

Don't forget that there's an ongoing contest right now to get your OC not only in Eromugen, but to have a whole chapter dedicated to him or her. For all the details, go here:

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