Sunday, April 7, 2013

Eromugen Page 22

It's been exactly two months since the last Eromugen page up, and I apologize to anyone who follows this blog for the comic. I had a ton of commissions come through in March, so I didn't touch this page for weeks while I did those. Most of those commissions either won't be posted on this blog or just haven't been yet, so it may look like I haven't been doing any art, but I have.

I'm pretty happy with this page. I'm really enjoying the aesthetic of the black background for the flashback, and I'll be a bit sad when we catch up to the present at the end of the chapter. I hope everyone's ready to witness Siat getting her anal cherry popped, even if it's by a sleazebag like Grell.

Don't forget that there's an ongoing contest right now to get your OC not only in Eromugen, but to have a whole chapter dedicated to them. For all the details, go here:

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  1. I'm hoping Grell will get his in a future chapter.