Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eromugen OC Contest

So I've had an idea for a fun little contest with Eromugen. Email me ( or post here your original Eromugen characters, and in a few chapters I'll dedicate a whole chapter to the winning character.

Characters should preferably be drawn for me. No artistic skill is required, so long as I know what I'm looking at. Characters may be any race, class or gender. I'll choose my favorite for the winner. The cool thing is, since I'm so indecisive, runners-up may get cameos in later pages, too (though not a chapter dedicated to them).

Feel free to include any info you want on the character, from name to things like personality, or even who you'd like to see them paired with (right now there aren't many characters, but more will appear in later chapters).

This contest will be left open for several months, since I have a couple chapters to get through before I'll be doing this one. I wanted to go ahead and start it, though, because I'm curious to see what characters are submitted.

Good luck to everyone! Feel free to ask questions here.

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