Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sharing is Still Caring

I've been wanting to do some work with the recolor ponies that populate Hasbro's toy line for awhile now. I've already done a recolor of a MegaSweet pic that I can't post here, featuring Firecracker Burst (the first grab bag pony I ever got). For the most part I'm partial to the characters that show up in the grab bags, but I do like a few of the brushable hair characters, too. Since they're all recolors, I figured I might as well recycle one of my commissioned pics, so here it is. The character on the left is Cupcake, a brushable hair pony. I tried to do all of these as grab bag characters, but Fluttershy in that series is, well... she's a recolor of Rainbow Dash, so there aren't any with her hair. I had to go brushable. The other two are Lucky Swirl (a Twilight recolor) and Sugar Grape (a Rainbow Dash recolor). I'd like to do more of these in the future, and maybe even a couple of the original toy characters with unique designs, like Rainbow Flash. We shall see.

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