Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tenchi Girls Play Well Together

This is an inked/colored version of Page 09 in an ancient Tenchi Muyo doujin I have titled "Ketsu! Megaton P" (or "Ketsu! Megaton 10) by Toluene Ittokan. I usually don't post colors that I've done independently on this blog (I don't feel it's fair to the artist), but I've tended to make exceptions for colorizations of doujins and doujin pages, and I see no reason to stop now. The logic being, there's really no conceivable way for me to hunt down Toluene Ittokan (or any doujin artist), and even if I did, there'd probably be a language barrier. Besides, I've had this comic since I was a kid, so the creator's probably forgotten about it by now. I loved Tenchi Muyo, specifically it's women, when I was a kid. That love hasn't really lessened with age, and I was very excited to work on this pic featuring all the prominent characters. Sadly my favorite, Kiyone, doesn't count on that list, bit we've still got Ayeka, Sasami, Washu, Mihoshi, and of course Ryoko, so it's all good. I hope you guys enjoy this page, there are litterally billions of great solo images like this floating around in tons and tons of doujins, so I may do something similar if I come across more I like. Ciao.

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