Friday, November 4, 2011

Glassfish's Exercise Mom Pics 1-5

My good friend Glassfish has a series of pics she's doing featuring a busty mother helping her young son get into shape, by any means necessary. If that doesn't explain the premise of these images for you, then perhaps the alternative title of "Sexercise" will. Either way, these are the colors I've done for the series so far, with more on the way as I complete them.

If you like Glassfish's style (and really, how can you not), please check out her own sexy blog, The Glassfish Bowl. Cheers.


  1. Love this work with Glassfish! Are you open for coloring commissions by any chance??

    1. That can get a bit complicated. It would really depend on who drew the lineart and how they feel about it.

      If it's something you own (either drew yourself or commissioned from someone else), then I'd be up for it.

    2. Ok cool, just curious. It would definitely be my own artwork! Most likely similar to these Glassfish pieces but comic style.
      Is there an email I can reach you at for further details?

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