Friday, December 30, 2011

DT - Harley and Batgirl

I really loved working on this pic, it provided a great opportunity to experiment with light sources and limited lighting. Whether my experimentation turned out good results is for you to decide, but I'm quite happy with it.

There was some confusion on my part in coloring this. You see, DTiberius always uses direct references for his backgrounds, and I knew from experience that I would be able to find this exact skyline somewhere in Batman: The Animated Series. Well, I re-watched the entire series, but couldn't even find the Wayne building featured. I shrugged and used other building colors to do the skyline, only to later be informed by DT himself that the background here is from DCU Online, not the show that the characters are done in the style of. Well, we had a good laugh and I recolored it. Cool story, huh?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

GOC - Dual Launches

It's not often you get a self-sex picture with two different looking girls, is it?

GOC - Astaroth

I love this pic by GodOfChaos. It was the first time I'd attempted hard-edge colorings, and I think it turned out pretty sweet.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WWOTM - Holly

Monster Rancher's Holly was the WWOEC Woman of the Month in January of 2011, under my recommendation. I mentioned in my Jade Cocoon pic that I grew up playing Monster Rancher, so Holly's a character I've liked for a long time. Featured in this picture with her is Sandra, a character from the anime who drove a taxi (also pictured) and tried to swindle the group. Her and Holly had some very suggestive scenes in the anime, making them seem like a natural pair to me.

You can view the other submissions here.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

WWOTM - Nara Burns

Nara Burns of the Exosquad was the WWOEC Woman of the Month in March of 2011. I've never heard of the show before, but I just love her retro design.

The other submissions for this month can be seen here.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

GOC - Digimon

I always love coloring GodOfChaos's work, especially his Digimon pics. I mentioned earlier that my love for Jun Motomiya came from coloring GOC, and this pic is one of those that contributed to that. The anatomy here is fantastic.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Eromugen Page 6

Here's Page 6, the first page to feature sexy stuff! I promise it'll only get more fun from here!


Jem of Jem and the Holograms was the WWOEC Woman of the Month for July of 2011. What can I sa other than that she's truly outrageous? I mean, truly, truly, truly outrageous!

You can view the other submissions here!

GOC - Kasumi

This is b far my favorite of the GodOfChaos pics I've colored floating around the internet. You can see hints of my current color selection in this pic.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

GOC - Android 18

Not a lot to say about this one. GodOfChaos did fantastic work, as usual, and I'm still pretty content with my colors. Granted, I think I could probably have done this pic better justice today, but this was, like, two years ago when I colored this. Cut me some slack, jack.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

COY #15

COY stands for Cross Over Yuri. The premise is pretty simple, I have a list I've compiled of over 600 cute girls from various anime and manga. I then use a random number generator to make pairing, which I then draw. Every third picture is a threesome.

I have mixed feelings on this one. On the one hand, I'm rather happy with the pose and I think that (mostly) it turned out well. I also really like all three of the characters in this one. I loved Shirley in Code Geass, most because I have a soft spot for school girl woobies. I like May, too, although she's second to Misty in my list of Pokémon chicks. Jun was a girl I wasn't familiar with until I started coloring GodOfChaos's work, and she pops up a lot in his stuff. So I was good on those fronts.

But I don't know... something's off. I know what it is, but I don't want to point it out in case it's not as obvious to other people. You should know, though, that if anything here looks a bit weird, it's because it looked weird in the photo reference I used. I checked and double-checked, and it's just due to the odd angle or something.

Gunnerkrigg Court

Gunnerkrigg Court is a fun little magic vs. science comic that I read (CLICK HERE to see it for yourself). When the comic skipped ahead in time and the characters came back with slightly altered designs, something compelled me to add to the existing 34.

WWOTM - Warmonga Dominates Shego & Kim Possible

I could've sworn I'd posted this one already, but it seems it only went up as a "Draft" for some reason.

Here's Kim Possible's Warmonga and Shego, along with the titular (lol tit) character herself. Warmonga was the WWOEC Woman of the Month in August of 2011. You can view the other submissions here.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

WWOTM - Frosta

This month's (December, 2011) WWOEC Woman of the Month is Frosta of She-Ra: Princess of Power. I had a lot of fun doing this pic, and I think I learned a few tricks that may help me improve future works. Hope you enjoy it!

The other submissions may be seen here.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Social Experimient

The title of this post is totally bogus, but whatever.

I'm trying something to see if I can generate some activity around here. I know from my page view count that some people visit here, I just need to get you guys posting. So, here's what's going down. I'm going to let you guys nominate girls you like (they can be anime, Western cartoon, comic book, anything drawn). After I have 10+ girls nominated, I'll run a poll on the side of the blog for a week or two (depends on how quickly I get votes). The top two girls on the poll will be put into a non-COY pic together. I know the quality of my pics can vary, so I'll go ahead and promise right now that this will be one of those pics I put extra effort into.

So, if you want to see someone drawn by me with another hot chick, make your nominations. For now I'm just taking the first name you post, but if it looks like I may not get the full 10 I'll take other suggestions, so nominate in the order of how much you want to see them on the poll (not pole, get your minds out of the gutter).

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

El Goonish Shive Pack

El Goonish Shive is a webcomic I've followed since high school. While remaining strictly PG-13, it does offer many risque situations that could easily be taken into the R or NC-17 area. I haven't even really scratched the surface of potential EGS 34, but I will likely revisit it again later down the road.

Monday, December 5, 2011

PS Bios - Watanabe Chiaki

Here is the third member of Pai Sakura's group, Watanabe Chiaki. She is the counterpart to Yamashita Yumi's Akimoto Kumiko.

Chiaki is part of the kendo team, and is second only to Endou Mihara (the two have been called the "kendo babes" by some of their classmates). She is quick on her feet and has aspirations to one day join the military (she will often respond to requests with a sharp "Roger that!" and a salute). While she has been known to sleep with both Sakura and Mihara, she is actually dating Joshuya Chikuma and Higashikuni Ai (they both seem cool with sharing her).

Mahbu of Jade Cocoon

When I grew up there were two monster collecting games I loved, Monster Rancher and Jade Cocoon (I collected Pokémon cards and watched the anime, but didn't really play the games until Diamond/Pearl). The lovely lady with the full mouth is Mahbu, the wife of Levant, who happens to be the protagonist of Jade Cocoon.

If you've never played Jade Cocoon for the PlayStation, I highly recommend it. It holds up surprisingly well today, despite graphics that are sub-par by today's standards (but pretty impressive for the time), and voice acting that's wooden at best. These flaws are made up by beautiful locations, terrific character designs (courtesy of Katsuya Kondō), and the most original monster breeding system I've ever seen in a game. This is the only game I've played with infinite creatures in it. Due to the ability to combine creatures you capture, you can create monsters so original that no one else has anything like them, even amongst the thousands (or more) of players this game has had. It's really something unique, and I can't believe the system hasn't been exploited in successors to this game.

All that aside, here's Mahbu with a cock in her mouth. Enjoy.

GOC - Azumanga Daioh Orgy

So here's a pic drawn by GodOfChaos which I absolutely love. It's the Azumanga Daioh girls (almost all of them, I believe) in a big group orgy. Pretty sweet, right? The only story I can recall from coloring this one was that I mistook Yumi's glasses for a sex toy of some kind, and made them hot pink. GOC corrected me, and it looks much better now for it.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

WWOTM - Zelda

Princess Zelda was the WWOEC Woman of the Month for April of 2010. I'm not a big Nintendo guy (I grew up with a Playstation, and now play mostly XBox), but I'm familiar enough with the character. Oddly enough, about 68% of my Legend of Zelda porn is featuring Link (mostly shota, but he's girly enough that it doesn't matter), so I threw him in there as well.

The pose is borrowed from Angel Blade, an OVA I've never seen, but I did come across a screenshot online that inspired this.

You can view the other submissions here.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kylie Griffin... Cheerleader?

This was a request I did for ChaosInuYasha to draw Extreme Ghostbusters' Kylie Griffin in her old cheerleading uniform (it was revealed in one episode that she used to be a cheerleader), and I was more than happy to oblige his request. The posing on the car was his idea, too, although I believe I went with a different direction than he'd originally thought. When I first started this one, I predicted disaster. I'm not used to drawing cars, and the pose was different than what I usually do. All the same, I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out.

Friday, December 2, 2011

GOC - Yuki Nagato

This is one of the first colorings I did of GodOfChaos' work, and it was completely without his permission. I'm guessing he either wasn't happy with it, or thought too many people had colored the same picture (a lot of people colored this one, it's pretty popular for obvious reasons), but whatever his reason, it was never posted. However, I've decided to share it here. I hope GOC doesn't mind. :D

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

PS Bios - Endou Mihara

New Perverted School Bio, Endou Mihara:

Endou Mihara is part of Pai Sakura's group; she is the counterpart to Inoue Ayumu in Yumi's group.

Mihara is the star of the school's kendo club (where she and Watanabe Chiaki are sometimes referred to as the school "kendo babes"), and the crush of many of the girls in the school. She is calm and composed, and always seems to have something clever to say. She is very well liked. She is dating Kawatake Misato.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Glassfish's Amira & Matt

So, awhile back I posted the colorings I've done of Glassfish's amazing "Exercise Mom" series. Well, these characters here are two of her other original designs, Matt & Amira from "Sunday Hotness: A Day at the Beach". I really love these designs, especially Amira, so I thought I'd take a crack at them myself. While this is an original work and not a colorization, all credit goes to Glassfish for the designs.

You can visit Glassfish here to see some of her great work.

PS Bios - Pai Sakura

Time for a new Perverted School bio page! This time it's Pai Sakura:

Sakura is the most popular girl in school. Her closest friends are Endou Mihara and Watanabe Chiaki. Due to her rivalry with Yamashita Yumi, many in the school like to compare Sakura's friends with Yumi's (Mihara is compared to Inoue Ayumu and Chiaki is compared to Akimoto Kumiko).

Sakura is very friendly and outgoing. She's in a serious relationship with Nekowatari Koneko, who idolizes her. She is a member of the school swim team, where she is good, but not a standout athlete. She's embarrassed by the tan-lines she gets from practice.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

WWOTM - The Sorceress

He-Man's sorceress was the WWOEC Woman of the Month for June of 2011. I was pretty excited about this one, I always thought she was under-appreciated as far as Rule 34 of He-Man goes.

You can view the other submissions here.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

COY #14

COY stands for Cross Over Yuri. The premise is pretty simple, I have a list I've compiled of over 600 cute girls from various anime and manga. I then use a random number generator to make pairing, which I then draw. Every third picture is a threesome.

It should be noted that I've never actually watched My-HiME, and the only reference pic I could find of Yayoi Ota was one lo-res pic. I think I got her basic look right, it's a simple design, but somehow she ended up looking a bit too old, here. So did Haruhi, for that matter.

This pic marks the first time that I've drawn an image, inked it, then decided it's crap and started over. That's right, this is a second draft. Now, I'm not terribly happy with how this turned out, but it's a hell of a lot better than the first draft.

This is an example of how using a giant list of characters can turn out interesting combos. Neither of these characters are very prominent in the works in which they appear. Hell, I could only find one pic of Yayoi (and, like, two of Haruhi). If I was doing this series in any other manner, this pairing wouldn't have ever come up. Hell, neither character would have ever come up.

PS Bios - Yamashita Yumi

Here's the next student of the Perverted School, Yamashita Yumi:

Yumi is the self proclaimed "Queen of the School." Her father is the primary donator to the school, and is the man responsible for the school's library located in Yamashita Hall. Yumi believes herself to be entitled to the role of most popular girl in school, and behaves that way even though she's not nearly as popular as Pai Sakura.

Yumi's closest friends are Inoue Ayumu and Akimoto Kumiko. She is closest to Ayumu, and suspects Kumiko to be scheming to replace her as head of the group.

Yumi is generally disliked for her haughty attitude, although she is blissfully unaware of this fact. She is a member of the school volleyball team.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

GOC - DBZ Threesome

Here's some more colorings of GodOfChaos's work. This time it's three of the Dragonball Z babes (my three favorite, to boot) in some fun yuri action.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

GOC - Jessie and Some Pokéballs

Here's some more of my coloring GodOfChaos's great work. This one was a special treat, Jessie is an early cartoon crush of mine, and GOC did her great justice here.

Teen Titans Group Shot

I've always been a fan of large group pics. They're what brought my attention to GodOfChaos's work. However, I've never really had the balls/skill to do one myself, until just a few months ago.

For the first time ever, I drew a pic large enough that it took me two sheets of printing paper to do the initial sketch. I've seen bigger, sure, but for me this was momentous. I've tried to include every major girl from the Teen Titans animated series. If I forgot or missed anyone, I sincerely apologize.

*Blogger has limits to how many labels and characters one can use in tagging a post. As a result, not everyone is included in the labels.

The Two Qiaos

Here's a little yuri incest, for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing. You've gotta love the Dynasty Warriors series' Qiao sisters, they're so cute. This is a pretty old pic, but I'm still pretty happy with it. There are obviously some things I'd do differently today, I was just starting to experiment with color schemes and the like here.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Starfire & Raven

This is an old pic. Like, two years old. It was one of the good ones, though, and even now I don't completely hate it. I'd like to revisit this pairing someday. I know it's been done to death, but I just love these two together so much...

Eromugen Page 5

Not a lot to say, here. I'm still not completely satisfied with my pacing or panel layout, but I think the art is (for the most part) pretty good, so far. I'm learning as I go.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

GOC - Kiyone

To go with the Mihoshi picture I just poster, here's the other half of one of my favorite (almost) canon yuri pairings, Kiyone. This was drawn by the extremely talented GodOfChaos, who I am always happy to work with. Kiyone probably gets the least amount of love in the R34 fandom out of all the Tenchi girls, and I have no idea why. Someday I'll get to draw her and Mihoshi together, but until then settle for this solo pic.


This is an old WWOEC Woman of the Month, dating back to March of 2010. At the time (and even, really, today) this was a standout pic for me. An original pose (with no major proportion issues), great colors, and a total babe to boot. This was a very rare pic for me, especially when it was drawn, and I'm happy to say I'm still quite proud of it.

The other submissions for this month can be viewed here.

COY #13

COY stands for Cross Over Yuri. The premise is pretty simple, I have a list I've compiled of over 500 cute girls from various anime and manga. I then use a random number generator to make pairing, which I then draw. Every third picture is a threesome.

With this, I am officially caught up on COY here. I'm working on #14, but it could be a while still before it's up.

I kind of like this one, although in hindsight I wish I could've done something more dynamic with it. I'm getting close to being able to draw without photo references, but I'm not quite there yet. Unfortunately, that means a lot of what I do is based on what sort of reference pics I can find, and creativity is the victim. :(

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Queen Vanda of Sport Billy

This was the second WWOEC Woman of the Month I did, Sport Billy's Queen Vanda. I've never seen the series, know nothing of it, but I like this character in much the same way I like Maleficent. There's just a certain sexiness to this type of character that I can't really explain.

The other submissions can be viewed here.

GOC - Sakura, Mimi, and Orihime

This is another color I did for GodOfChaos, and the first where I also inked the image (GOC had only sketched it out). This was before I changed my method of inking, so the lines aren't quite as crisp as I'd like. Still, it looks pretty good, even now looking back.

WWOTM - Beverly Binford

Beverly Binford is the Novermber 2011 WWOEC Woman of the Month. I skipped out on October's WWOTM (for reasons I won't get into here, suffice to say I didn't think I could make her sexy), and very nearly did here, as well. She's just not my type. However, I suspect there will be those who can appreciate her, um, assets, as it where.

You can view the other submissions here.

GOC - Digimon/Ai Yori Aoshi Crossover

I just realized I've posted hardly any of the GodOfChaos colorings I've done here. There's quite a few of them, so I'll post them over a period of time as I feel like it.

GOC's a great guy and, really, it was coloring his work that got me into doing this sort of thing. I started out asking for help identifying some characters in an orgy pic he did (this was when I was still coloring mostly for my own amusement), and ended up coloring a lot of his work as a result. This is just one of those pics, a fun little crossover between Ai Yori Aoshi and Digimon (two series GOC draws pretty frequently). I'm not familiar with AYA, but I just loved this pic and had to color it regardless.

Let it be noted that this is one of the first pieces of R34 I ever produced. That being said, I did pour way more effort into this one than I did most of my other work at the time, meaning it looks more recent than it is once placed into my catalog. I think I could do better now, but I was damn proud of this when I first made it.

The Haré Hate Club

This is a short comic drawn by thetentaclemonster and commissioned by AnglowGolem. While I never really got to speak with thetentaclemonster about the project, I did work on this with AnglowGolem's blessing, so I count it as qualifying for an appearance here. If you've never seen Haré+Guu (Jungle wa Itsumo Haré nochi Guu), then you're missing out. It's great fun.

COY #12

COY stands for Cross Over Yuri. The premise is pretty simple, I have a list I've compiled of over 500 cute girls from various anime and manga. I then use a random number generator to make pairing, which I then draw. Every third picture is a threesome.

This might be my favorite COY so far. Not only is the pairing great (I mean, really, what're the odds of landing on those three out of a list of 500+?), but I'm actually pretty happy with the art, too. This was the first to be fully colored with my current technique, although I think it's clear I was still working a few bugs out at the time. All the same, I love it, especially Miku's cute little toes.

Friday, November 18, 2011


So, hey, these are my two favorite incarnations of Supergirl (I don't coun't Powergirl, she's her own woman, now). The blonde in the front is Kara Zor-El, who many of you may recognize, and the one in the back is Cir-El. This is kind of an old pic, but it's pretty obvious that I've been struggling to try and develop a comic book-like style that I can use for these types of pics. One of these days, I'll get the hang of it.

I'm not opposed to revisiting Cir-El, there's barely any R34 of her at all (besides this pic, I can find only one other image that qualifies). That's a damn shame.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jezmine with Conan

I'm still pretty happy with how this one turned out. It's been a while, and usually by now I'd hate it if there was something fundamentally wrong. I mean, sure, there are issues, but I think it still works in spite of them. I really love her tan lines.

Jezmine here was the WWOEC Woman of the Month in October 2010. If not for that fact, I likely never would have drawn her. You can see the rest of the pics submitted here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

COY #11

COY stands for Cross Over Yuri. The premise is pretty simple, I have a list I've compiled of over 500 cute girls from various anime and manga. I then use a random number generator to make pairing, which I then draw. Every third picture is a threesome.

I love this pic. It's pretty simple, but I had a lot of fun with the colors. I started using my current coloring technique right after this pic, but I did experiment with it some here.

Also, can I just say I think these two make an adorable little brown couple?

Nikomark Daioh (Full Color)

This is another doujin I colored. Like I said with "Aim at Planet Namek!", I'd like to try and avoid posting colors I did on my own without the artist's permission. For some reason, when it comes to stuff drawn overseas, that doesn't bother me.

I love this comic. Like, a lot. I wish I knew then what I know now about coloring, but for the time this was some of my best work. Obviously, I did not color the first couple of pages (although page two was originally B&W, I believe). Enjoy!