Wednesday, April 26, 2017

MomSwap - Penny and Trudy Proud

So I left the decision about who should star in the next MomSwap up to my supporters on Patreon, and they voted for Penny and Trudy of the Proud Family. I was pretty happy with this choice, as I'd been meaning to canonize them in this series for a while. Trudy was a big crush of mine when I was younger, and Penny ain't half-bad herself, so they had to show up here sooner or later. When working on this pic I thought maybe I should do more with Proud Family characters in the future, but who knows. It'd be fun, though.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Commission - Frieza and Hobbes

This is a follow-up to an earlier commission I did on the list of Twenty. That commission was a birthday present, and the young lady it was a present for liked it so much she came along and bought one of the slots that were still open at the time. This is what she wanted, a little montage of Frieza and her OC Hobbes next to a window of his ship looking out at the stars. I think her relationship with Frieza is very cute, even if it's quite a bit different than the way I usually write him.

So here's a little update on my status with the list of Twenty (which I need to finish before I can start the commissions sold this past weekend). I had a client who bought three slots, the first of which I drew up in January. He told me he needed some changes done, but not what the changes were, and then I didn't hear back from him until just this past Saturday. I still don't know what changes he wants made, but he promised to tell me soon. If he does, then I'll have to go back to work on not only that commission, but the other two he bought, which will set me back some as they were all three pictures I expected to take a long time to do.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Commission - Cell, Jr. and Gohan, Part 1

This is the final Patreon commission for this month, which got started late due to some confusion over a lost email. We finally were able to get together and find out what he wanted, and he's planning to commission a series of pictures involving the ever-popular Gohan and a well-hung Cell, Jr. This is the first entry in this series, where Gohan spies the impressive package on the little guy, and next month we'll see how this situation develops.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Fire Sale

Many of you who follow this blog are familiar with my camgirl friend Anya Lykke. This Easter her apartment was struck by lightning and burned down, and she lost most of her worldly possessions as well as her beloved pets. Obviously we're all heartbroken that this has happened to her, and she continues to struggle with the ramifications of it. If you're interesting in helping her out directly, there are a few ways available here on her Twitter:

I've already given her what I can, but to help I'm going to also reopen commissions over the weekend. Any funds from commission slots I sell before I go to bed Sunday (when they will close again, probably for a very long time) will be sent directly to Anya to help with her recovery. Just to be clear, these slots are not like the ones I sold before to help Anya, which were smaller (one character) and filled immediately. These are full commission slots which will be added to my list. This means I will not be getting to them until after I finish the twenty slots I sold in the fall, so some patience will be require. It will likely be several months until I get to them, but keep in mind that I do not plan to open commissions again until all of these commissions (the twenty plus any sold this weekend) are complete. It might be Christmas before I have my commissions open again, depending on how successful this sale is.

I will also be unable to accept ongoing comic commissions. As much as I'd like to be able to pass on the profits of a big sale like that to Anya, I just can't justify taking on another ongoing comic at this time. Sorry.

If you would like to commission me, contact me at Pricing information is available on the sidebar of this blog, directly beneath the chat box. Please discuss the content of your intended commission with me before sending any money, as I am still reserving the right to refuse any commissions at my own discretion.

I will have new content to post tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

Thank you to anyone who is able to assist Anya, either directly or through this sale. Every little bit helps.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

NHML - Shampoo

The Near Hentai Monthly Lady for April is Shampoo from Ranma ½. I've never really watched this show and have just a passing pop culture knowledge of it, but I figured this would be as good a time as any to do the first pure yuri pic in the NHML series. So, I used Ranma's female form, who is pretty cute as well, for a pic I'm pretty happy with. There's also something kind of funny to me about a character who's usually a guy choosing to use a strap on when turned into a girl. I don't know, just feels right.

Nominations are now open for May's NHML feature. For any new faces around here, the rules are pretty simple. You can nominate any female character I haven't drawn (preferably ever, but at least not in the past year), with one nomination per person. I'll compile a list of all the nominees in the sidebar of this blog, and on the first of the month I will conduct a random drawing from that list. The winning character will get a drawing featuring them done by me sometime during the month. The last few months we've had a lot of great characters put up, and I look forward to seeing who you all nominate this month.

Monday, April 17, 2017

MnJ - Ep. 3, "Neighbor's Daily Visit"

Here's the third volume of Mace and Jackie's adventures, where we see them pay Mrs. Brant her daily visit. Mrs. (Kristin) Brant is Jackie's neighbor. When he was younger he developed a bit of a crush on her, so when Mace started helping him seduce older women, she was the first he suggested (after several Mace had picked out). Mrs. Brant works as an executive in a successful business, and her job is very stressful for her. She balances this by letting the two boys go to town on her every day after work (when they get home from school). Of course, if Mrs. Cordova (or some other teacher) keeps them after school, that means they'll be a little late.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Near Pokédex M448 - Lucario

So once again I left the decision as to which Pokédex entry I'd do next up to my supporters on Patreon, and this time they chose Lucario. I had a pretty good feeling Lucario would get chosen sooner rather than later once I switched to this polling method over choosing them myself. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out, too. There's not much to change from the original design, so he's a lot closer to his canon appearance than, say, Voltorb. Not sure if I consider that a good or a bad thing, but it's natural with the more anthro-looking Pokémon anyway.